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Travel to the land down under! The Curse of the Radiant Opal

A novel by Anskar Thorston
When Minnesota traveler Anskar Thorston arrives in Wallangulla in May 1965, he is merely curious about opal mining. He intends to stay only a few days in the Australian Outback town. He's sure he's too level-headed to be lured by the opal mania that grips the local diggers.

Anskar starts noodling and finds a few small opals. He's intrigued. He buys a mining claim and finds his first valuable stone. His stay lengthens. He hears tales of miners who would rather starve than part with their opals, and he meets one of them, Two-Bob Bobby, who's always "short on a quid."

The longer Anskar stays in Wallangulla, the more we worry that Anskar will find his "fatal" opal and succumb to its curse. Along the way, we meet the town's odd characters: from eccentrics, good mates and fair-dinkum Aussies to bludgers, bull artists, ginks and more than a few victims of "the Wallies."

What happens to Anskar?
Read The Curse of the Radiant Opal, and find out.

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