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"The number of miners varies. During good economic times there are few; during bad times many. The number of residents, town and camping, is probably 50 to 60, but some say 100. The pub is the center of Outback life, much like churches in the settling of the American West ... There is no church in Wallangulla. The Digger's Retreat, where most of the worshipping goes on,is located at the end of the main street." (Chapter VIII, Random Thoughts)

Anskar with Bruno

"Bruno was medium-sized, lean, with a mottled brown coat, four white socks and white splotches on his nose and chest. Not exactly what I had in mind but friendly and, of course, trainable. Any dog could be trained. I could do it. Bill just didn’t know how to handle dogs. I opened the car door, Bruno jumped in and we were off." (Chapter XXII, Bruno)


The Humpy

“'I’d like to have a look at the humpy,' I said.

            "It was a mess. The mud walls, three feet thick, were crumbling. Someone had covered the whole thing with aluminum foil, probably to reflect the sun or keep the rain off. The inside was full of junk, broken furniture, pick handles, and debris. The clay floor was uneven, worn down in front of the stone fireplace. Ah! But the stone fireplace is what made it all livable. Imagine being able to cook over a fire at waist height. No more squatting, bending or kneeling. Just stand up, build a fire and cook. 'I’ll take it. How much?'” (Chapter XXIV, Mud Humpy)

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