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"Then one day, 30 feet underground, as I was driving through the clay below the opal dirt with my heavy pick, a lump fell out. It was lower than nobbies were normally found. I rubbed off some clay and saw a glint of color. Then more clay off, more color. I wiped it hard, and a burst of colors shot out. I rubbed it, licked it and held it close to the candle. Brilliant flashes of violet, gold, red, green, yellow and blue leaped out in the candlelight. Sweat poured into my eyes, my heart raced. This was the stone I had been searching for. A loner, there all by itself, waiting for millions of years for this moment, waiting for me to bring it into the world, to let the light shine on its brilliance, to give it life.

"And it waited to give me life. At last we were together, fated to be united. I clutched it tightly in my hand. I had been put on earth for this moment! I was filled with delight. It is mine! Mine alone! No one will ever take it from me! No one else will ever see it! This was my stone!

"All wants, lusts and passions were sated. All hatreds were avenged. I needed nothing more; not love, weath nor power. Everything I longed for was in my hand. My life was fulfilled. I had been placed on earth for this moment. My Radiant Opal had been predestined for this moment. At last we were together, to be together forever!"

                               Anskar Thorston
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